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I can be like “The Apprentice” too!

The Celebrity Apprentice kicked off its fifth season this week on NBC. In the season premier, the celebrity guests bended over backwards to meet their fund raising goals by launching different projects around NYC. Giving back to a charity doesn’t always have to be implemented on a large scale though (but that’s what they call entertainment on T.V.!).

You too can give back in your community with work that is equally as important. Participating in a charitable activity is a great hobby to pick up after work or school. Better yet- involve your employees or peers to create an even more fun opportunity after hours!

Tutor a student
Education is an important fundamental growing up. It’s disappointing to hear the number students dropping out of grade school and not giving themselves a chance to graduate with a high school diploma. Tutoring a student- from elementary to high school- is a special way to make a difference to a child or teen. Many schools offer an after-school tutoring program. You can call up schools near you to see if they offer this type of program and help a student once a week. Offer to teach the subjects you understand and enjoy.

Host a Bake Sale
A bake sale is a quick and easy way to earn money. Ask your friends, family and staff at work to bring a baked good to sell. Some grocery stores, libraries and schools will let you host a bake sale on their property. Schedule the sale about a month in advance and create “save-the-date” reminders to pass along. Set up a leadership team to help manage the event (just like The Apprentice!). Decide ahead of time where you’d like to donate the money. Ideas include the city library, an animal shelter, or other local chapters of national non-profits (i.e. Red Cross, UNICEF, Food Bank).

Donate Your Stuff
Don’t have much time to volunteer during the week? You still have a chance give back in a large way by donating gently used items from your home. Let’s face it- your closet may have old clothes still hanging around and those toys and books from your childhood may be shoved under your bed. Examine what’s around your house that is not needed anymore and is taking up space. Even take a look at your kitchenware and the decorations around the house. Collect these items and donate them to the local CCA or other charity retail store. These items can go a long way for a a family in need.

A small deed can go a long way!