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Story Telling Activities
Exposing kids to literature and storytelling in their earliest years is one of the best gifts we can give our children. My little ones are growing up with parents that both have degrees in education, so we're constantly searching for fun ways to instill a love of sharing stories.

Wooden Story Pieces
We find these at craft stores (back in the unfinished wood section) and typically, they're about a dollar. Each time we go, I let M pick out a new one and over the years, we've built up quite the collection!
Lay out your pieces and let your tot pick one to start the story. Let her do the speaking, and only step in when she seems stumped or puzzled. It's SO much fun to hear the wacky and imaginative stories they'll come up with (last week, M told us a story about a pirate princess that stole soccer balls).

story telling

Draw and Tell
Grab a small whiteboard and let your little learner draw a scene. Sometimes M will draw real people (mom, dad, brother) and other times, it's Mickey Mouse or Santa Claus. The fun part comes when you ask them to tell you a story about their picture. Encourage higher level thinking by asking questions like, "How did {the character} feel?" or "Why did {story element} that happen?"

Story Sequencing
I know I'm coming from the classroom background, but these sets of story cards (like THESE available for purchase or THESE available for download) are just packed with storytelling value!

First, have your child check out the pictures and sequence them...
Then, have her explain each picture. Let words like, "Next," or "Then," come out organically and listen as your child tells the story.
Sometimes M comes up with details that I definitely didn't see for myself!


journal writing

Early Journal Writing
This is something we've done with M for the past two years and it's special for all of us. When we're just about to finish dinner, we'll grab the notebook (a simple dollar store one). We ask her about her day or about something on her mind or just something she wants to remember. She dictates and we write. Then, as we're cleaning up from dinner, she'll skip off to illustrate the picture. It's fun to see the progression of stories and details.

These are just a few of the fun ways to get your kids storytelling and building vocabulary skills!

Written by Jill

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