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Candy Leis Tutorial

When I lived in Hawaii, we made candy leis a lot. Just about for any occasion worth celebrating. So this week being teacher appreciation week, we are showering Kaye’s teacher with love. We had a week’s worth of events planned out for her to make her feel appreciated. This was something quick and simple but turned out really cute. If I had more time I was going to add some flowers or yarn pom poms to add to the lei. You can get as creative as you want!


  • candy
  • plastic wrap
  • ribbon
1. Pull out a long piece of plastic wrap that is long enough to wrap around neck as a necklace and more. Place candy evenly spaced apart.

2. Wrap the plastic wrap around the candy so it is all the way wrapped.

3. Pinch the space between the candy because that is where the ribbon will tie.

4. Cut your ribbon and tie it between the candies.

5. The two open ends, put them together and twist. Tie a large ribbon into a bow. And done!

Tell me… What are you doing for teacher appreciation week? What did you get your child’s teacher?